Did you know that a 10 year old boy crashed his parents' car and told the police he was a dwarf who….


A reckless child from Norway with an extremely vivid imagination has shocked Norwegian police.


The 10 year old child decided to grab his 18 month old sister and drive to his grandparents’ house without informing his parents. The boy and his little sister got into their parents’ car and drove for 6 miles before crashing the car in a snowy ditch. Fortunately, a snowplow driver passed by and helped the children out. The man was beyond shocked when the boy explained he was a dwarf who had just forgotten to bring his driver’s license. The Vest Oppland police district contacted the children’s parents and warned them to keep an eye on their kids.


It turned out the parents were sleeping when the 10 year old kid decided to hijack their car.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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