Did you know that A 10 year old Chinese boy was caught driving a…


A 10 year old Chinese boy was caught driving a car in Chengdu, China, while an adult passenger sitting next to him was spotted playing on his phone!

Image Source: Newsflare video screenshot
Image Source: Newsflare video screenshot

An outrageous video, which was filmed in China’s Chengdu Province, is circling the Internet and making headlines for its ridiculousness and the reckless behavior of the two people shown in the video footage.
The video in question surfaced the web a while ago and the Chinese police is trying to identify the people in it. The footage was filmed by an unnamed person sitting in a vehicle and witnessing a life-threatening situation on the other side of the road. The car opposite to the camera person’s one is being driven by a boy, who doesn’t look like he’s more than 10 years old. The boy is driving the car with approximately 20mph – enough to do some damage. While the boy is driving a fully grown man is sitting on the passenger seat next to him and is playing on his phone. The adult passenger doesn’t appear to be the little bit of interested in the child’s driving, let alone the fact that it could lead to a possible road accident. On the other hand, the fact that the kid is driving the car on a busy road with cars speeding down in all three lanes of the road, is what caught the media’s attention.

The 10 year old driver and the adult passenger next to him still haven’t been identified, even though the local police is currently looking into the case. If the male passenger is identified, he will undoubtedly face charges for getting himself and a minor involved in such a reckless stunt.


The video footage, which has gone viral, is only a minute long, but it’s already making headlines in various news agencies from all over the world.


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