Did You Know That A 112-Year-Old Man Married A Teenage…


In 2009 the 112-year-old then Ahmed Muhamed Dore from Somalia had 96 grandchildren, 18 children and 5 wives. However, he wasn’t satisfied with his love wife.

Dore was in love with a girl who could have been his grand-grand-granddaughter and was waiting for her to grow up so that he could propose. After the girl, Safia Abdulleh, turned 17 Dore asked for her hand. Her parents agreed to the marriage and soon Safia became Dore’s sixth wife. He stated that he was grateful to God for making his wish come true by making Safia his wife.
According to the girl’s family, Safia is happy with her new husband despite their shocking age difference. It’s not clear what exactly did Dore do in order for the parents to agree to such marriage but he told the press that he used his life-long experience in order to convince Safia of his love for her. The strange couple from Somalia have shocked people all around the world with their marriage. However, it’s still not clear if Dore used any bribery or other methods in order to arrange it.


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