Did You Know That A 12-Year-Old Robbed A Lemonade Stand By Using….


A 12-year-old boy in Johnstown, Pennsylvania robbed a 10-year-old boy’s lemonade stand cash box using a BB gun. The attacker stole the $30 which the 10-year-old had earned by selling homemade lemonade and ruined the entire lemonade stand. The young “entrepreneur’s” friends aged 13, 10 and 8 saw the entire assault and chased the robber along with the local police.


The boy was caught in his home and later faced charges in a juvenile court.

Whether he was inspired by all the bank robbery movies or some kind of a video or internet game hasn’t been determined yet but the incident as a whole has shocked the community. It has raised some questions regarding the influence of violent movies and games on young children and how it can have a negative impact on their behavior, possibly turning them into adolescent criminals.


Even though the boy didn’t use a real gun, there are cases when BB guns can actually inflict fatal wounds.


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