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Did You Know That A 13-Year-Old Created A Heat Map That Tracks Every Bully On…


In January 2014 an incredibly smart and compassionate 13-year-old teenager named Viraj Puri decided to find a solution of one of America’s most widespread problems. He invented a digital app that shows a real-time layout of the areas in the United States where bullying is intensifying and become a huge problem.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The app is still in it’s early beta stages, but it already has unique functions. It uses keywords that are related to bullying on practically all social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The app uses a special customized algorithm the 13-year-old Vijay himself designed and analyzes the root causes of the bullying problem. The app then pinpoints the exact location where the bullying took place and shows it on the bullying map.


The ultimate goal of Vijay is not simply to predict the odds and location of the next social media bullying attack, but also help with coming up with innovative solutions to this widespread problem.


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