Did You Know That A 13-Year-Old Girl Is Facing Charges For Driving Under…


In September, 2012 the Child Protection Unit began investigation on the case of a teenage girl who was facing charges for driving under alcohol influence.
The 13-year-old girl was caught driving in central Queensland, Australia. According to the police, the child had been picked up during her erratic driving on the Old Bruce Highway at Calliope on a late Friday night. There were three other people in the car with the under-aged driver, probably also teenagers. It was reported that the girl’s blood alcohol reading had been 0.071.

It’s not quite clear what is the exact reason behind teenage crime in recent years. Is it because parents have neglected their children or because children are trying to be just like adults? Probably both. Either way, it’s not right and it often leads to undesirable situations just like the one in question. However, 13- year-old children are not supposed to be driving a vehicle, let alone drive under alcohol influence.



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