Did you know that A 16 year-old Brooklyn teen pretended to be a subway conductor and drove a train for over…


Keron Thomas, a guy from Brooklyn, New York, became famous two decades ago for one extremely dangerous stunt.


When Thomas was 13 his family moved to Brooklyn. He got extremely fascinated with all sorts of trains, including the subway. In 1993, when he was only a 16 year old boy, he managed to trick the subway officials in New York that he was an actual motorman by using the name Regoberto Sabio as his alias. He took off with the subway motor from the 207th Street Yard station in Manhattan and drove the train for more than 3 hours. He made stops at the usual stations and people got in and out of the train without realizing that there was a teenager in the seat of the motorman. Thomas almost managed to make a full round trip before he accidentally sped up and his actions automatically tripped the motor’s emergency brakes. He couldn’t reset them and got busted.


The people of New York saw him as a “folk hero” and he was only given 3 years of probation for his actions.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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