Did you know that A $19.5 million underwater hotel is being…


Planet Ocean, an underwater hotel for $19.5 million is currently being constructed after the project was officially green-lighted after years of waiting.

Image Source: METRO
Image Source: METRO

The hotel in question was proposed more than a decade ago and it used to go with the name Poseidon Underwater Resort. However, it was recently changed to Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel and there’s a rumor going on that the people standing behind the project could have thought their sponsors and future clients would make a nasty association with the 2006 film Poseidon starring Fergie or the 1972 movie The Poseidon Adventure, both of which portray fatal disasters.


Now the green-lighted project has been renamed and the Planet Ocean underwater hotel is currently under construction. The site is believed to cost nearly $19.5 million and instead of having a solid underwater foundation, on which it will withstand all sorts of underwater currents, the hotel will actually be an underwater vessel, which will move from one spot to another. The guests will be able to access their lavish rooms and suits through an elevator and they will have the chance to experience a luxurious vacation, since the underwater facility will offer not only stunning views of the marine world, but also other luxuries, like air conditioning and Wi-Fi for example. The hotel’s current building site is located somewhere in Florida, 8.5 meters under the water’s surface. It’s unclear which its next destination will be or when it will finally open its doors to clients. However, there are rumors that the hotel will serve its guests only in the Caribbean.

The man standing behind the project is Tony Webb – the same guy, who started making headlines after he announced his plans to artificially create limestone in coral reefs in order to enlarge the coral population.


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