Did You Know That A 21-Year-Old One-Legged Cancer Patient Ran 3,339 Miles In 143 Days To….


Terry Fox was a truly remarkable young person who was able to inspire one of the most powerful outpouring of love and generosity in the history of Canada. He was born on July 28, 1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba and was set out to become a successful athlete due to his determination and strong character.


Unfortunately, in 1977 while he was enrolled in the Simon Fraser University he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. A horrifying form of cancer that starts spreading from the knees up. Later his right leg was amputated. But this did not prevent Terry from pursuing sport. While he was in the hospital he learned about the importance of cancer research and this triggered his desire to help out while he still could.


In 1980 with one prosthetic leg he embarked on a journey across Canada. His goal was to raise as much money and awareness about the importance of cancer research as possible. He ran for 143 days straight over the distance of 3,339 miles before the cancer spread out to his lungs and ultimately claimed his life in 1981. In his honor the Terry Fox Run is organized each year which has now raised more than $500 million for in his name.


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