Did You Know That A 22-Year-Old Chinese Student Staged Her Own Funeral So She Could Enjoy…


A Chinese 22-year-old student called Zeng Jia spent almost her entire savings account on an elaborate and lavish funeral ceremony. Zeng wanted to find out what her funeral would look and feel like, so the young woman decided to stage something like a funeral rehearsal while she was still alive.

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She hired photographers and decorated the entire scene with flowers and other memorabilia that represented her life. Zeng Jia organized the chairs in a specific manner and had a multitude of mourners who attended her funeral ceremony.

The young woman spent a whole hour inside an open casket. She hired professional make-up artists to make her “dead” body look as realistic as possible and had the mourners come near her coffin and pay their last respects. After lying enough time in the coffin Zeng then stood up alive and well and delivered a speech in her honor.


The motivation of Zeng Jia to stage her own funeral came from the fact that she wanted to understand what it was like to die. Zeng believes her “death” experience has given her a new and more positive outlook on life.


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