Did You Know That A 22 years old cancer patient beat Hodgkin's lymphoma thanks to…


Caris Hedd-Bowen has been diagnosed with cancer at just 22. Finding out that she had Hodgkin’s lymphoma really brought the young mother of two boys down so she turned to her Facebook friends for moral support. Caris later said that she just needed to share what she was going through with someone other than her family and close friends, even though they were all caring and loving. She was amazed that hundreds of people, even some she didn’t know personally, started texting her and encouraging her to keep fighting. Soon she started sharing all her cancer-related experiences in the social network : posting pictures of herself in hospital, wearing different wigs once her hair started falling out after the chemotherapy and basically just sharing her feelings. Her Facebook friends continued to give her positive feedback, comforting her and telling her how beautiful she looks.



Several months after the chemotherapy was over doctors told Caris that the cancer was gone. Of course, she immediately posted the great news online telling her friends she wouldn’t have been able to get through all this without them. Now Caris is enjoying her time with her two sons after being away from them because of her treatment. She is also planning on volunteering to raise money for cancer charities and going back to college.


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