Did you know that a 34 year old woman got arrested for posing as a 1…


There comes a time in every woman’s life when she wishes she was younger. However, this particular woman overdid the usual little white age lie.

source: AP/Longview Police Dept
source: AP/Longview Police Dept

Tamica Lincoln, a well-meaning woman from East Texas, took Charity Anne Johnson under her wing after the latter told her a heart-breaking lie about her life story. Charity claimed that she was born in November 1997 and was a 15 year old orphan. According to the lies she fed Tamica, her mother had passed away and her late father had been abusing her. After Tamica took in Charity, she enrolled her at a local high school. Little did she know her new stepdaughter’s real age was far from a school girl’s one. Sometime after enrolling Charity in school Tamica started questioning the possibility that Charity was using a fake ID.


It turned out Charity was actually a 34 year old woman, who was just posing as a 15 year old girl. She was arrested and her bond was set at $500.


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