Did You Know That A 39 Weeks Pregnant Woman Ran A 26.2 Mile Marathon And….


Usually, when women in their 39th week of pregnancy, they only focus on the baby’s and their own health. But a woman named Amber Miller had different ideas on how to spend her last days of being pregnant with her second child.


The 27-year-old athletic mom decided to run the Chicago Marathon while still carrying her unborn baby daughter June. Miller was a trained athlete with great experience in running marathons and this wasn’t her first successful finish while pregnant. She also ran the Wisconsin marathon while being 4 months pregnant and another one while pregnant with her firstborn son.


With the support of her husband who also ran beside her, Amber was able to finish the 26.2 mile race for 6 hours 25 minutes. Towards the end she felt strong contractions which meant that the baby was on the way. Nevertheless, she finished the marathon and even grabbed a snack before racing to the hospital. After long 7 hours of labor she gave birth to her daughter June. The athletic mom explained that she was going to take a long rest and dedicate herself to being a mother. She also stated she would abstain from running marathons for a while.


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