Did You Know That A 4-Year-Old Boy Claims To Be The Reincarnation Of …


One of the world’s most researched phenomenon is the one of reincarnation. The concept that some part of the soul of a person is reborn into a completely new life after their death is still eluding modern day scientists. There are thousands of documented cases in which people claim to be possessed by a reincarnated soul of another person or a distant relative.


A similar case was the one of Gus Taylor. The little 4-year-old boy one day admitted to his parents that he was his own grandfather. Usually at this young age many children are quite confused about their own identity but in this case something totally unexpected was going on.

The grandfather of the little kid had passed away a year before Gus was even born. Both of them have never even met but the little boy was able to identify his grandfather Augie when shown pictures. Another miraculous confession of Gus was that in his past life he used to have a sister who was murdered by a bad man. In fact his grandfather Augie really had a sister who had been found dead in the San Francisco Bay long time ago.
This true fact was a very closely kept family secret and the boy couldn’t possibly have known this.

Lastly, the little boy believed his grandfather was given a magic ticket by God to return among the living as Gus.




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