Did You Know That A 460 Pounds Guy Lost 253 Pounds In Just 18 Months And ……


Lots of people nowadays tend to constantly obsess over their weight and appearance which often leads to an unhealthy mental state and behavior. Here is the story of one man who was able to fight against his own unhealthy way of living and emerge as a role model for healthy lifestyle.

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Mike Waudby, 31 once used to weigh over 460 pounds. He was so depressed about his weight and the way he looked that he had to drink himself to sleep every night. His days were wasted in front of the TV and mindless surfing of the web. As he had lost his job Mike was living with his mother. He could find some form of happiness in his life only in alcohol, pills and the midnight snack. At one point he even attempted suicide but, luckily, he was unsuccessful.


This proved to be the turning point for Mike. Since that day on he committed himself to transforming his body and fixing his weight issues. Now Mike is a fitness instructor who lost the incredible 253 pounds for less than 18 months of rigorous exercise. He went from morbidly obese to looking super fit and is now a true inspiration for thousands of people struggling with the same problem.


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