Did you know that a 54-year-old man from China lives in a mountain cave 50 m above the…


A 54-year-old man in China has chosen to live his life like a hermit: living in a cave, wearing no clothes, isolated from all people for more than 20 years.

Feng Mingshan, who was then in his 30s, chose to leave the comfortable life of civilization in the Northwestern Shaanxi Province town of Gaoba and spend his time in isolation in the natural settings of a cave located 50 meters above the ground.


In the years of living in the cave, Feng managed to enlarge his home space using a hammer and, in his rare conversations with others, he has expressed his delight of having a cool house, which helped him live more comfortably in the hot summer days.

The introvert has made his own curtains and a front door to his stone home and can often be spotted walking around completely naked.


The location of this unusual home forces its inhabitant to climb the steep 50m high cliff every time he wants to enter it. Through the years, he has managed to chisel hand holds to make the climb to his house easier.

Using sticks and wood from the woods and eating natural products, this man seems to be living a life very close to that our prehistoric ancestors used to live. Nevertheless, this weird lifestyle choice worries local authorities since Feng Mingshan is feared to suffer from psychosis, which even required some brief treatment at one point. They are trying to persuade him to enter a nursing home or at least move to a more contemporary home where, according to them, he will be safer and less of a possible threat to others.


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