Did You Know That A 6-Year-Old Escaped Kidnappers By Saying …..


Savanna Norman is a 6-year-old girl who managed to escape kidnappers by listening to her mom’s life lessons. Amy, Savanna’s mom, is a resident of Parkland, Washington who witnessed something no parent ever wishes to see.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The mother was watching through the window her daughter getting home after having a play date with her friend who lived just across the street. Savanna checked if there were any cars coming and as there weren’t she began crossing the street. The scene took place just a few feet away from her house but it sent shivers down Amy’s spine. As she watched her daughter walk the short distance home two strange men appeared as if from nowhere and tried to take Savanna away. Luckily, her mom had taught her well. The little girl immediately started screaming “stranger danger” at the top of her lungs as well as punching and kicking. This stunned the kidnappers as they quickly let her go and ran away. Fortunately, one of them was later apprehended by the police and sent to jail and Amy couldn’t be more grateful that Savanna remembered her lessons how to act in a situation like this. 


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