Did You Know That A 60-Year-Old Woman Fugitive Was Captured After 37 Years On….


A 60-year-old woman named Judy Lynn Hayman was recently taken into custody by investigating police officers in San Diego, California. It all happened in front of the eyes of her shocked 32-year-old son who had no idea what was going on.


Apparently, Hayman had a criminal past that she kept in total secret from everyone. The woman was a fugitive and an escaped prisoner. Back in June 1976 she was convicted for committing a grand larceny and sent to a women’s Correctional Facility located in Wayne County, Michigan. Just after 10 months of her sentence she managed to somehow escape from the prison and became a fugitive. Since that day on Hayman took many different fake identities and aliases to remain unnoticed by the law.


When the police knocked on Hayman’s door she claimed to be Jamie Lewis and had the necessary papers to prove it. But after the cops successfully recognized her from her old mug shot, taken in prison, she was arrested.


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