Did You Know That A 61-Year-Old Japanese Woman Killed Her Husband With…


Coffee cups may turn out to be the world’s next means of mass murder since people are using them as weapons nowadays. At least in Japan they do.


According to a report by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper a 61-year-old woman killed her husband with a coffee cup. Emiko Hirose, the housewife, was blinded by rage since she discovered her husband had an affair with another woman who Emiko hated. The 70-year-old husband, Yasuo Hirose, was a university professor and an honorary citizen of Yokohama. Allegedly, his wife hit him 10 times in the face with a coffee cup. Yasuo was immediately rushed to the hospital but he didn’t survive. According to the medics he had serious injuries, probably caused by his wife, which were the cause of his death. His wife was later arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.


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