Did you know that a 9 year old American girl is building mobile homes for…


One inspirational 9 year old American girl is making headlines, because instead of playing with dolls, she has chosen to build mobile homes for homeless people in her spare time.

Image Source: Hailey’s Harvest/ Facebook
Image Source: Hailey’s Harvest/ Facebook

If you thought that 9 year old kids can’t do anything to change the world, you were most definitely wrong! Meet Hailey Fort – a small girl with a big heart.


Ever since Hailey was 5 years old, she has been doing everything she can in order to improve the lives of the homeless people living in King Fort, Washington, US. A few years ago she met a homeless person and asked her parents if she could do something to help. Her parents bought the homeless man lunch and ever since then Hailey has been filling her leisure time with hard work. She began helping homeless people by growing her own vegetables in order to donate them to shelters. Last year the girl grew and donated over 128 pounds of veggies and fruits, including peppers, carrots, berries, melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and so much more.

And this year the 9 year old Hailey is building mobile homes for the homeless people living in her area. She started off using tools like a drill and nail guns and managed to build a cozy mobile home for a man named Edward. He is one of Hailey’s friends and has been homeless ever since he lost his job at a local supermarket store. The girl managed to build the mobile home on the supervision of her parents and is aiming to build at least 10 more shelters for the rest of the homeless people in King Fort.
You can help Hailey by donating money on her GoFundMe page, which will go for food, shelter and basic toiletries.


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