Did You Know That A 9-Year-Old Girl Lives With An Anaconda And 30 Other….


Krista Guarino is definitely not a girl like everyone else. The 9-year-old Michigan resident has been handling snakes ever since she was a toddler. The young girl is used to playing, eating and sleeping with the snakes and treats them the same way people treat their pet dogs or cats. However, Krista’s pets are 30 reptiles including a 12 feet long python and an anaconda.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Jamie Guarino, Krista’s dad, is a snake specialist who introduced all his three children to the snakes at an early age. According to him Krista was the one to like the creatures the most and even the first word she uttered was “snake”. The Guarinos own a reptile zoo where Krista helps her dad during the school holidays. She has no fear handling the huge snakes some of which are twice as big as her and she even enjoys feeding the alligators. When she grows up Krista wants to open her own reptile zoo where you would find every kind of reptile in the world. The girl wants to change people’s perception about snakes and show them that they are really interesting creatures.


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