Did You Know That A 9-Year-Old Who Saved Up For PS4 Used The Money To Buy Smoke Detectors….


Hector Montoya from Texas likes to play games like many other 9-year-olds and was saving up to buy a PlayStation 4. The boy managed to save $300 and was about to purchase the console when he found out about a horrible tragedy.

Picture: NBC DFW
Picture: NBC DFW

A child and his mother died in a fire that started in their own house. Unfortunately, their home was not equipped with a smoke detector. Little Hector shared that the tragedy hurt him deeply and he wanted to do something to prevent another one from happening. Even though the boy had dreamed about PS4 and saved all his pocket money for a long time, he decided that saving a life was much more important. Hector’s money funded the installment of more than 100 smoke detectors most of which were placed in old people’s homes.


However, Hector’s good deed was rewarded when a teenage brother and sister decided to buy the PS4 for him. Touched by his kindness, Ashton and Peyton Harder purchased the console for Nelson. 19-year-old Ashton stated that a child who cared so much about others deserved to receive what he wanted.


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