Did You Know That A 99-Year-Old Woman Got Her Degree 75 Years Later After…


Jessie White had to graduate from the Beal College in Bangor 75 years ago but an unpaid $5 fee prevented her from doing so. Back in 1939 Mrs. White couldn’t afford to pay the transcript fee thus she didn’t get her diploma.

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A friend of Mrs. White found out about the fact that the 99-year-old woman never managed to get her diploma and decided to pay the fee and set up a ceremony. The college president hosted a special event to present the elderly woman with her diploma. The grandmother of four finally received her degree in bookkeeping and stenography which she actually earned decades ago. Even though the Maine resident has suffered from a polio infection all her life, she managed to land a job as a bookkeeper and worked there for a long time. Getting her degree made Mrs. White really happy and stated that one should never give up learning.


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