Did You Know That A Baby Abandoned 27 Years Ago In Front Of A Burger King Finally….


One of the most miraculous powers of social media is that if you raise enough people’s attention towards achieving your goal you can do practically anything. This is a lesson a 27-year-old woman named Katheryn Deprill learned recently. The woman living in Philadelphia was forlorn by her birth mother inside the restroom of a busy Burger King restaurant as a newborn baby 27 years ago.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Her birth mother was 17-years-old when she had her and she didn’t want her grandparents to ever know. Instead of throwing her away Katheryne’s birth mother made the tough choice to leave her in the busy restaurant with the hope that someone will find the newborn baby immediately.


Katheryne who is now a proud mother of three children decided to finally find her birth mom by posting a picture on Facebook with the message: “Looking for my brith mother”.  The picture was shared on social media more than 32,000 times and her mom saw it in just a matter of days. They are now happily re-united.


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