Did you know that a bank in the UK is insisting on talking with 6 months old babies about…


However, when the bank is the UK based Halifax, the decision may turn into a big misunderstanding.


The 31 year old Jenny Nicholls from UK made a savings account for her son Harry at Halifax. She had to call the bank after she found out some of the details weren’t accurate, hoping the bank would easily fix the mistake. However, a Halifax operator wished to talk to Harry himself. Jenny thought the operator was making a joke, since her son was a six months old baby. However, the operator insisted on talking with him even after Jenny explained the situation. Apart from not noticing the account was an under 16s case, the staff member also didn’t tell Jenny that the bank’s policy on child accounts required a personal visit to the bank, instead of a phone call.


Of course, after the news broke out on the Internet, a spokesperson of Halifax apologized to Jenny for the inconvenience.


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