Did you know that a bible hidden in a man's top pocket saved his life by…


A man from Ohio was miraculously saved by Jesus and his Holy Writ earlier this month after a group of teenagers fired gunshots at him.


The 49 year old Rickey Waggoner from Dayton, Ohio, was fortunate enough to have his copy of the Bible in him when he was attacked by a group of armed teenagers. Mr. Waggoner, who’s a bus driver, had pulled off the road due to having problems with his vehicle’s engine when a gang of youngsters appeared out of nowhere and attacked him with a knife and a gun. The man was shot three times and two of the bullets were aimed towards his chest. Luckily, the man had a Bible in his top pocket and the book took in the two bullets. The third one hit Mr. Waggoner’s leg, but he managed to take the weapons away from the teenagers, who immediately fled from the crime scene.


The participants are believed to be between the age of 15 and 18. The police in Dayton believe the attack on Mr. Waggoner could have been some sort of a gang initiation.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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