Did You Know That A Biker Gang Helps Child-Abuse Victims Feel Safe By…..


Bikers do have a rather intimidating image. They are usually tough guys with long hair, heavy boots and leather vests, often covered in tattoos. These sons of anarchy are easy riders, not afraid of anyone or anything. However, it turns out that these scary blokes have a soft spot and it is helping child-abuse victims.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

A non-profit organisation called Bikers Against Child Abuse aims to help and protect children who have been victims to child-abuse. Often the children who have suffered have trouble feeling safe after what they have gone through so these bikers would intervene. They would attend a child’s court hearing and shield them so they don’t have to look at their abuser or simply stay in the house during night time so do child wouldn’t be afraid. The founder of BACA was a child psychologists who believed that children would benefit from the presence of intimidating adults who are on their side after having suffered abuse. The BACA members don’t use force but their main rule is not crying in front of the children as it would jeopardize the victims’ trust in the bikers’ power.


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