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Did You Know That A Billboard In Peru Uses Only Thin Air To Create…


A billboard which “makes” drinkable water has been placed in one of the driest places in the World : Lima, the capital of Peru.
The innovative billboard was made by a team of engineers in the Peruvian University of Engineering.


The fact is that in Lima a shocking 700,000 people do not have access to water for drinking, washing and bathing. Another 600,000 rely solely on water cisterns, but they need to manually pump out and clean the water stored in the cisterns in order to use it. So the team of engineers took into account the fact that Lima experienced over 90% of humidity during the hot summer days and that all this humidity could be used to actually “produce” water.

The water-making billboard was mounted in one of the dryer districts in Lima in December last year and reportedly produced about 2,500 gallons of drinking water for the first three months only. It uses electrically powered condensers which cool down the water from the air until it becomes liquid. Then purification via reverse osmosis is performed and the filtered water is stored in a special tank at the bottom of the billboard.


The initial idea of the billboard was to attract more prospective future engineers and students to enroll into the Peruvian University of Engineering by giving a practical example of what engineers can do and what kind of projects are supported by the University. Since the water-making billboard has been placed, a growth of 28% of students enrolling in the Engineering University has been reported.

The idea funded by advertising could be an excellent solution for other regions and countries where a large number of the population has no or little access to clean water.


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