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Did You Know That A Bizarre UFO Was Spotted By NASA’s ….


The Curiosity rover sent by NASA to probe and investigate the surface on Mars landed successfully on the Red Planet on August 6, 2012. The mission’s main goal is to better understand the geology and origin of Mars. By analyzing the planet’s surface with its top notch robotic space lab, Curiosity will be able to give us answers whether Mars was just like Earth a few billion years ago and does it have the chemical compounds or environments that are necessary for sustaining microbial life. It’s a successful $2.5 billion project which is considered also one of NASA’s greatest achievements.

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Recently, the Curiosity rover was able to send back to Earth some very intriguing pictures. First, it was a photo of a strange “earthlike” rock which resembled a lizard type of a life form. Now the rover may have given hope to UFO hunters worldwide after sending a picture of a strange object that was flying in Mars’ vicinity. The UFO theorists claim the image shows a possible extra terrestrial life form that operates a mysterious flying spacecraft. It also has a very bright trail left behind it which suggests it either has powerful engines or it is simply a comet or a meteorite.


The controversial video was posted by a user and a UFO hunter nicknamed “Streetcap1”.


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