Did you know that a blind kid from the UK plays video games and….


One of the tricks on how to hook up a gamer to a new game is the modern, super realistic graphics of the game.


Regardless of this fact, there’s a blind teenager from the UK who can beat most of his sighted friends at video games.

Ben Breen is 19 and is a game master. He admits it takes intense concentration in order to become a good gamer. Ben may be blind, but he doesn’t limit himself to games for blind people. He can beat his well-sighted friends at games such as Mortal Kombat and Rock Band, which are some of his favourites. He jokes that the key to his high score is the fact that he can’t get distracted by the games’ flashy and catchy graphics and instead of occupying his mind with the colourful screen, he focuses on the sounds and the mission of the game.


Ben has been blind since birth, but managed to achieve great scores at Dartford Grammar school and an international baccalaureate degree. Nevertheless, the games have changed his life dramatically.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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