Did You Know That A Boss Lets His Employees Watch 'Game Of Thrones' While….


Dan Rice is a young entrepreneur with a small company and seven employees. The 24-year-old also has a unique approach to his employees’ entertainment needs. Being a huge ‘Game of Thrones’ fan himself, Dan understands that you cannot possibly focus on your work when the next episode of your favorite show is already available to watch. Especially when you come across spoilers while browsing different websites for work purposes.


So Dan came up with a rather unusual and inventive solution for the problem. All of his seven employees have the Monday morning off so they can watch the latest episode of the popular show in the privacy of their own homes. What is more, the lucky employees have the opportunity to watch the show on Sky Anytime where it can be seen a whole 19 hours before the official broadcasting time on Monday evening. Others employers would tell their staff off for watching trailers online while they should be working but, luckily for Dan’s employees, he is not one of them.


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