Did you know that A bottle of McDonald’s Big Mac sauce was sold for $95,000 on…


One eBay user is the proud owner of his/her personal bottle of McDonald’s Big Mac sauce after it was sold for $95,000 on the popular auctioning website.

Image Source: McDonald's
Image Source: McDonald’s

The British branches of the fast food restaurant chain decided to make a single bottle of the famous Big Mac sauce available to the public by putting it up for sale on eBay. The recipe for the sauce has been kept a secret from the public ever since the company placed its roots in California, US, back in May 1940. A limited collection of the sauce was sold in some stores in Australia for $3.51, but it was sold out in no time. And now it was available for all eBay users in the UK and Northern Ireland.

The asking price for the bottle of Big Mac sauce was nothing compared to the whopping $95,000 that won the auction. It’s unclear who exactly placed the winning bid of $95,394 on eBay, but that person now owns the secret sauce. The bottle, which was sold, contains 25 ounces of the sauce McDonald’s restaurants put in Big Mac sandwiches all over the world. The bottle in question was shipped to the buyer in a special cooling container in order to keep it fresh.


McDonald’s decided to open the bid only for British eBay users, but the company never explained why they wanted to sell a single bottle of the secret sauce, nor why they chose the UK as their target. Nevertheless, the bottle sold for nearly $100,000 and there is a good reason why – it’s a secret recipe that people from all over the globe get served on daily basis, even though its actual contains have never been revealed for more than 70 years!


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