Did You Know That A Boy Who Hid In A Plane's Wheel Well Beat All Odds By Surviving….


A Californian teenager had a weird idea of fun where he chose to climb into the wheel well of a Boeing 767. What is more, the 15-year-old Santa Clara resident spent there the entire time the airplane took to fly from California to Hawaii and, amazingly, survived.



Experts claim that his survival in itself is quite extraordinary as most people who have dared to fly in the wheel well haven’t made it. A small person would easily fit in the landing gear of a 767 but the thin air and insufficient amount of oxygen combined with the extremely low temperature make it a horrible trip with slim chance of surviving. Yet, the Californian boy somehow managed to do it. Specialists supposed the teenager spent most of the flight unconscious in the wheel storage compartment where it was freezing cold and the oxygen was scarce. Luckily, he regained consciousness about an hour after the plane had landed and walked out himself. The airport authorities found him and discovered he was travelling with no identification. The boy’s family has been notified about his whereabouts.


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