Did You Know That A Brazilian Man Underwent Plastic Surgery On His Eyes So He….


Max is a 25-year-old man from Brazil who became so obsessed with South Korean culture after spending a year in the country that he decided to turn into one. Max who later became known as Xiahn underwent more than 10 plastic surgery operations in order to change his appearance.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

Xiahn as he likes to be called today studied a year in South Korea and fell in love with everything about the country including the look of the Korean natives. He kept watching South Korean soap operas and listening to K-Pop for hours on until the idea of having plastic surgery overpowered him. As there are thousands of Asian eye styles Xiahn had to have one major eye surgery operation and then several smaller ones. However, Xiahn points out he doesn’t feel any less Brazilian regardless of his new looks. Considering the country’s significant diversity an Asian person can be as Brazilian as anyone of German origin, for example. Xiahn also states that despite the mixed reactions about his surgery, he is happy with his looks and doesn’t regret his decision.


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