Did You Know That A Brazilian Town Is The Land Of Twins With 10%…


In Southern Brazil there is a small town fondly nicknamed ‘Twin Land’. The reason behind it is that a great number of twins get born there each year. More than 10% of the births in Candido Gadoi, the actual name of the town, are multiple. Statistically speaking, the percentage of twin births in the small town is nearly 1000 times higher than the global average.


There are several theories for that peculiar phenomenon. Some locals believe that the water in the town’s supply contains a mysterious ingredient causing the multiple births. However, this theory hasn’t been confirmed scientifically. Another theory states that a German doctor once came to the town and started experimenting on local women by giving them drugs stuffed with twin-inducing hormones. Supposedly, the locals were unaware of the doctor’s experiments as they were presented as medical treatment.


A more modern study has singled out a specific gene associated with the predisposition to twin births. Also, inbreeding in small communities has played a significant role in the reproduction of that particular gene leading to one of the world’s biggest aggregation of twins.


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