Did you know that A bride almost drowned on her…


An unfortunate bride almost drowned on her own wedding in front of her groom and their guests in a dangerous and life-threating stunt.

Image Source: DAILYMAIL
Image Source: DAILYMAIL

The popular trend of trashing one’s wedding gown has gone too far.
A bride, named Amy, almost drowned on her wedding day. Amy wanted to take part in the trending “trash the dress” ritual for newlywed brides, so she opted for drowning her dress. Little did she know she would end up almost drowning herself. A video footage of Amy’s wedding day shows the ritual as Amy is preparing to jump in the sea off a boat in front of the cheering wedding guests. As they encourage the bride to jump in and trash her wedding dress, she can be seen taking baby steps to the boat’s edge while her new husband can be seen already swimming in the water and waiting for her to jump in. Amy finally jumps off the boat and that’s when the guests stop cheering and start screaming.

The video shows that Amy’s long white dress, which is fully equipped with a strapless corset and tons of white satin layers and veils, drags her under the water’s surface. The layers form a trap around the bride’s torso and prevent her from breathing and swimming. As Amy starts drowning her husband can be seen trying to save her life. A total of four other people jump in the water in desperate attempts to save Amy from drowning and by the time they finally mange to do so, the guests are already panicking and preparing to witness Amy’s groom experience not the best, but the worst day in his life.


Fortunately, Amy doesn’t drown. The video shows that it took six people (including Amy herself) to save her life and to stop the heavy wedding dress from drowning her. At the end of the video people can be heard laughing and cheering again, while Amy manages to pull off some sort of a smile.


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