Did You Know That A Bride Faked Having Cancer Just To …..


Weddings are definitely pricey these days and lots of brides go to great lengths to be able to afford their dream day. However, a bride in particular named Jessica Vega did more than that. She lied to everyone, even her own future husband, about having leukemia and less than a year to live.


It all started when the owner of a New York bridal shop was tricked into thinking the supposedly sick bride-to-be was choosing her wedding gown because she wanted to marry her beloved one before she passed away. Vega told a heartbreaking story which made Keri Ciastko, the owner of the shop, give her the dress as well as shoes and other accessories completely for free. But that was not all. Plenty of other people such as wedding photographers, florists and stylists offered their services for free, all touched by Jessica’s sad story. As the word spread out, many just donated money to the future bride “suffering” from a terminal illness.


The truth came out when Michael O’Connell, Jessica’s husband who filed for divorce soon after that, found out that the document proving his wife diagnosis was actually forged. Jessica was charged with grand larceny, scheme to defraud and criminal possession of a forged document. After returning most of the money given to her for the wedding, Jessica was sentenced on 5 years of probation and 300 hours of community service.


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