Did You Know That A Bride Sold Her House To Pay For Plastic Surgery In Order To ….


Tsia Pullen was feeling too overweight to become a bride when her partner and love of her live, Alastair, proposed to her.

Tsia was 34 years old and weighed 252 pounds. She could not bear the thought of marrying in front of family and friends looking like that. She decided to test the limits of her body and submit to a series of plastic surgery procedures. In order to be able to afford it Tsia sold her private home for $130,000 and moved into her fiance’s house.


From that day on Tsia Pullen started investing in her full makeover dream. She spent nearly $35,000 on plastic surgery procedures. She had a stomach operation which effectively brought down her weight by 140 pounds. Afterwards Tsia had breast implants and liposuction done.

Before her last procedure Tsia found out she was pregnant. She had to postpone the wedding and her makeover plans for a while.


Tsia was able to recover very quickly after giving birth. Unfortunately, due to her weight loss and following pregnancy she needed a tummy tuck procedure to remove the excessive skin around her waist. This was her last surgery after which she was very happy with the results.

The couple got married on their 10-year anniversary and Tsia doesn’t have a single regret about her decision to sell her house and undergo a complete makeover.


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