Did You Know That A Bridge Collapsed Underneath A Class Of Students While….


The students from Pierce High School in Nebraska will certainly remember their prom, unfortunately, not like an all-fun event. The senior class of students decided to pose for a photo together on a picturesque bridge at one of the girls’ house situated in the rural part of the state.

It was all very beautiful as the two dozen students were standing on the bridge all dressed up with their formal gowns and tuxedos. However, placing so many people on that tiny bridge proved to be a bad idea as the rickety platform suddenly collapsed under their feet due to the combined weight. Alisha White, whose family is the owner of the property was really worried that everybody would be mad at her as she ruined their prom. It was actually her idea to pose for a group photo on the bridge. But nobody was mad at Alisha as what happened was just really bad luck. What is more, nobody got hurt and the only damages were several sodden prom dresses and a few ruined tuxedos. Everyone managed to make it to the prom and they all had a great time apart from the bridge incident.



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