Did You Know That A British Bomb Detection Dog In Afghanistan Died From The Stress Of Seeing His Handler…


Theo DM, nearly two years old, was an English Springer Spaniel who served the British Army. Theo served as a bomb detector in Afghanistan in 2010-2011. Theo and his handler, Liam Tasker, were described as the best individual working dog team, finding more bombs than any other team during their stationed period of time.


On 1st of March 2011 Liam and Theo came under fire on patrol duty. After Liam was killed by a sniper, the dog was taken back to the base where he had a fit and also died. It’s believed that the sight of his shot handler caused Theo such stress that it caused the seizure. After their deaths, their bodies were shipped back to Britain.


Posthumously, Theo was awarded a Dickin Medal. It’s known as the animals’ equivalent of the Victoria Cross. At a ceremony in London on October 25th 2012, Sergeant Matthew Jones and his detection dog, Grace, accepted the Dickin Medal on behalf of Theo.


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