Did You Know That A British Family Was Forced To Flee Their London Home After Deadly Spiders Started …


A terrifying domestic incident occurred recently in London, UK. Apparently, a whole family was forced to move out of their home due to spider infestation and seek help.

Every now and then there has been the occasional little domestic spider lurking in the home of Consi Taylor, 29, but this was not the case for her initial complaint. The woman said she noticed some funny looking spots on her banana while eating it. After a closer look Consi screamed in terror when she discovered that actually the bunch of bananas she had recently bought from the grocery store was infested with spiders.

Image Source: WikiCommons/Techuser
Image Source: WikiCommons/Techuser

The little creepy crawlers were everywhere in her house scurrying around unrestricted. Initially, the grocery store gave the woman and her family a $16 worth voucher for their troubles but sadly this was not the whole case. The young family with their two little children had to leave their home and hire the services of a pest control firm.


After the pest control firm fumigated the property they told the family that the little spiders were actually a very toxic species called “the Brazilian wandering spider”. Its venom is extremely toxic to humans. The spider’s favorite spot for hiding are the banana trees in the Brazilian jungle and its venom can cause paralysis, convulsions and eventually asphyxiation if an anti-venom is not administered immediately.


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