Did You Know That A British Man Has A Natural Brewery In His Stomach Which Turns Food Into…


Imagine having a condition that enables you to brew beer inside your own stomach by only eating regular high-nutrient or starchy food. While this may sound like every man’s dream it is actually a pretty serious illness that could hinder your ability to lead a normal everyday life.


Mr. Matthew Hogg from Middlesborough, England has been suffering from this condition, more widely known as auto-brewery syndrome, his entire life.
His stomach is naturally producing an excessive amount of what is called “brewers yeast” which is responsible for the extra high levels of released and absorbed ethanol in his bloodstream. This process creates the effects of intoxication naturally without even having a single sip of alcohol.

This very rare medical condition went undetected by Matthew practically his whole life. He eventually got used to the dizziness associated to his illness when waking up intoxicated almost every morning.
It wasn’t until Matthew was in college when he noticed he was having painful hangovers after each meal. Then he sought professional medical help and was eventually diagnosed with a rare bacteria that was flourishing in his intestines.

Sadly, there is no effective cure for this condition but a very strict diet that has to be maintained throughout the patient’s entire life.


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