Did You Know That A British Teenager Could Pass Away From Exam….


Jennifer Lloyd from Manchester, United Kingdom suffers from a weird illness called Addison’s disease which makes stressful situations particularly dangerous for her. The body of the 17-year-old girl doesn’t produce adrenaline, a hormone that helps cope with stress, but shuts vital organs instead when Jennifer is very stressed.


Image Source: Caters
Image Source: Caters

The student must try to reduce stress in her life whenever possible as otherwise she might end up in hospital again like she did last time when she had important exams. Jennifer usually starts revising long before exams days are due but she still feels rather anxious being an overachiever and all As student. The girl explains balancing perfectly her time is vital as she can’t afford to leave anything for last-minute revision. Jennifer usually starts preparing for exams months ahead when her friends haven’t even begun to think about it. The girl hopes she can overcome her condition by taking the proper precautions and it won’t prevent her from following her dream to become a child’s psychologist


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