Did you know that a Buddhist monk who died in 1927 has yet to show sings of…


Hambo Lama Itigelov was a Buddhist monk who died in 1927. Before his death, he had made it clear he wanted to be buried sitting in the lotus position. He had also stated he wanted to be exhumed some years later. Therefore, Itigelov’s body was exhumed first in 1955 and then in 1973. His fellow monks found that both times, the body was perfectly preserved and showed no signs of decay. However, as at the time the communist party was in power in the Soviet Union and didn’t take kindly to religious thought, the monks didn’t reveal the miracle publicly.


In 2002 Itigelov was exhumed for a third time. Once again the monks saw the body was preserved and had muscles, tissues, skin and soft joints. This time experts were summoned to examine the body and confirmed there were absolutely no signs of decay. It is worth mentioning that the body had never been embalmed.


Now Itigelov’s body is place in the open, so that anyone can see it. No special regimes are followed in terms of humidity and temperature and the body is still it perfect condition.


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