Did You Know That A Burglar Called The Police On Himself After Discovering….


On a dark night in the Fairfield suburb near Hamilton, New Zealand a burglar broke inside a private home. The intruder was able to find his way inside the house by breaking the window and easily opening it from the outside. Once he started walking around the house looking for something of value to steal, the burglar got the scare of his life.


The burglar was utterly shocked when he accidentally bumped into a dead body hanging from the ceiling. The owner of the house had obviously committed suicide by hanging himself. The thief got so terrified by his discovery that he immediately gave up his original intention of robbing the house and called the police. Disturbed by his screaming the neighbors called the police as well thinking the noise next door was due to domestic quarrel.


In conclusion to this unusual case the police apprehended the culprit but decided not to charge him for his crime. The police officers were grateful to the honest robber for reporting his discovering the deceased owner of the house. If it weren’t for him it would have probably taken days, even weeks, for the body to be found.


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