Did You Know That A Burglar Fell Asleep In A Victim's Home While…


These days home intrusions and burglaries are one of the most common crimes. Many people with criminal intentions and a strong desire to obtain expensive items in order to use them or sell them often target luxurious homes.

On a similar occasion the not-so-professional burglar Dominique Pinkard, 21 and his accomplice, the 20-year-old Julian Evangelist, decided to break into a home located at Winners Circle in Lady Lake, Florida.


Unfortunately for Pinkard, he had been at work all day and was extremely tired when he broke into the private home. After stuffing $500 worth of jewelry in his pockets he decided to take a nap on the couch in the living room. In the meantime his buddy Evangelist took a flat screen with him and evacuated the premises without noticing his friend dozing off on the couch.


When the homeowner came back in the morning he was stunned to discover an unfamiliar person sleeping on his couch. He immediately called the police and Pinkard was apprehended. Later the police arrested his accomplice Evangelist as well.

Both men were imprisoned on charges of grand theft and burglary.



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