Did you know that a burglar in UK got stuck in a window and had to…


When would-be thieves fail, the situation is far from pleasant or funny. However, sometimes they fail so badly that they end up in the news thanks to their ridiculousness.

A would-be robber tried to burglar a house in Hull, UK, in early morning hours. When the homeowner least expected the uninvaded man, the latter climbed through a window, but didn’t judge fairly the space he needed in order to slide through the window opening. He got stuck and spent around an hour in poor attempts to free himself. When the owner walked into the bathroom, he was startled by the sight of the stuck thief. By that time, the burglar had already been adjusted to the fact that there was no possible way to free himself alone, so he asked the homeowner to call 999 for help. Police officers came to the rescue and arrested the man after giving him a hand. According to reports, he confessed his would-be crime and is now held in police custody.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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