Did you know that A burglar returned to the crime scene in order to…


In the history of crime this guy has to top the list of super dumb criminals.

Image Source: Costa Mesa Police Department
Image Source: Costa Mesa Police Department

According to official reports, Daniel Lee Warn was arrested on commercial burglary charges earlier this June in Costa Mesa, California. Warn reportedly robbed an El Pollo Loco restaurant early in the day and later returned to the fast food restaurant without even changing his clothes. As he was waiting in the drive-thru line of the restaurant the staff members recognized him from earlier. The guy didn’t even bother removing his treacherous cartoon-themed cap hat before ordering a lunch. The restaurant’s staff called the police and Warn was arrested shortly after.


As it turned out, he was arrested for similar crimes last month, but instead of serving 2 years behind bars, he was released on a community supervision program. Shortly after his latest arrest the media broke out the news that he was also convicted of two other restaurants in the Costa Mesa area over the period of just a couple of days. 


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