Did you know that A burglar suspect drove the stolen car to the police…


A man, who’s identified as a burglar suspect, reportedly drove that very same stolen car to a local police office. One extremely dumb guy decided to steal a vehicle and drive to a local police office as his own wheels. Unfortunately for him, nobody bought it thanks to a smart tipster.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

It all started when a 22 year old guy from Bellevue named Mat saw a photograph of a red Audi car on a Facebook page about stolen vehicles located in the Pacific Northwest. Since Mat knows a thing or two about cars, he easily spotted that the unique modifications of the red Audi were clearly similar to the one, which was portrayed on the pictures on Facebook. Mat spotted the stolen car pulled up on the side of a road in Issaquah, Washington, DC. The driver spent almost half an hour in desperate attempts to alter the vehicle’s VIN number. Mat called 911, but there were no available police officers nearby and the dispatcher told him to either follow the driver or go back home. Mat thought that if his own car was stolen, he would be grateful if somebody followed the burglar for him, so he kept chasing the thief.


The guy ended up in front of a local police office in Bellevue. The burglar suspect entered the police department and Mat immediately tipped them off about the situation. It turned out the suspect was a 36 year old man, who was previously arrested on some drug charges. He was visiting the police in order to collect several personal items and was acting as if he hadn’t stolen the car. According to the local detectives, this was definitely the easiest vehicle theft related arrest they had made! Ever!


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