Did you know that A California family is seeking author of 28-year-old message in a…


A 5 year old boy from California, US, found a message in a bottle written 28 years ago.
A family residing in Mendocino, California, is trying to track down the person, who put a handwritten note in a bottle and threw it in the ocean nearly three decades ago.

Omg we have an interview with Inside Edition this morning about the message in a bottle Ryder found!!

Posted by Heather Baird on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ryder Goggin was taking a walk on the beach with his mother Heather Baird on the 30th of December 2015. It was the boy’s birthday and he was turning 5, so when he found a bottle with a message in it, which was washed ashore, both Ryder and his mother got excited about the boy’s unexpected finding. As it turned out, the bottle didn’t contain a treasure map or an old love letter. Instead, it contained a handwritten note, which was placed inside the bottle by a boy almost Ryder’s age. The note stated that the boy, who wrote it, was 6 years old, he was named Chris and he was living in Sacramento, California. There was a date – 5th of September, 1988. Chris had left his phone number and had asked the future finders of his message to look him up and contact him so that he will know where his message was found.


Now the 5 year old Ryder and his family are trying to track down Chris after finding his 28 year old handwritten note, which is amazingly well-preserved. The phone number, which Chris once used, is no longer available. However, Heather hopes she can track Chris down with the help of social media. After she gave an interview for a local news agency the media quickly picked up her story and it went viral overnight. Let’s hope Chris’ life turned out good and he can get in touch with Ryder and his family.


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